Wednesday, 3 November 2010

outdoor wireless access point

outdoor wireless access point

500mW Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point/Client/Repeater Bridge

This is a piece of hardware which can prove vital to many internet users who want to try an outdoor wireless connection. It has the ability to cover a very large area of space without getting a weak reception and so can save a lot of hassle gained from indoor and inferior wireless points which don;t have that ability.

THIS ITEM INCLUDES: 80 feet of outdoor cat5 cable, POE injector, Mounting Hardware, Programming Disc, Ethernet cable, Power cord. Easily connects to any existing router and is IP addressable with a variety of security methods. FEATURES: 802.11g, 54Mbps, 500mW, up to 20Km los range with a 16db gain yagi antenna Plastic outdoor unit, water-proof, operating from -15C ~ 65C Least gain loss of antennas, highest transmission efficiency built in 500mW 802.11g booster, output 500mW, up to 20Km Data rate & sensitivity Indication for antenna alignment LED indication (3) for TX/RX, LAN, operation indications (easy diagnosis by sight) POE (Power over Ethernet) design, highest stability.

Amazon customer review: "We used this access point with an omni directional antenna and were able to cover our entire property and several of our neighbors as well. Not only is this a terrific access point, but the customer service was just as outstanding. We would recommend this to anyone that wants outdoor wifi."

So clearly an impressive piece of technology that will satisfy your internet connection needs and also the connections of others who live near you.

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