Monday, 13 December 2010

alastair macaulay

alastair macaulay

Dancer at the New York City ballet Jenifer Ringer, made an appearance on the Today Show this morning to answer a comment made regarding her weight from a recent NY Times review of a performance of hers in The Nutcracker. The bashing heard across the internet is dance critic Alastair Macauley saying of her that "she'd eaten one sugar plum too many".

This has since been vilified, but has gone un-apologized for. Macaulay responded to the uproar with a follow up in the NY Times defending his decision to comment on the dancer's body under the justification that if you'd rather not be critiqued on your body, don't enter the world of dance. The justification Macaulay makes is not a new one and this issue has been raised before in dance criticism. However, the dance-world and media uproar about his criticism also derive from the fact that Ringer had previously been very open about her eating disorders in the past, having admitted to overeating and anorexia.

So critic Macaualey appears to really have put his foot in it and really should be obliged to withdraw his comments to some degree.

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