Thursday, 16 December 2010

ghd breast cancer

ghd breast cancer

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Book
The latest and most progressive treatment advice from prostate cancer experts at the nation's top medical centers

For every sufferer out of the 200,000 Americans told that they have prostate cancer every year, the months in the wake of the news are a time of cutting edge decisions and tremendous emotional distress. This book however, can give readers thorough answers to all the questions they have regarding the treatments for fighting and killing the cancer.

Bringing together the insights and expertise of 21 of the nation's top prostate cancer specialists from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, the Seattle Prostate Institute, and other leading treatment centers, The Prostate Cancer Treatment Book provides:

* Expert information on all treatment options, including surgery, hormonal treatment, external beam radiation, and more
* In-depth coverage of radioactive seed implantation therapy, the most promising new treatment currently available
* Real-life accounts of dozens of men who beat prostate cancer

An all-star team of experts tells you what you need to know about fighting and beating prostate cancer

Amazon customer review: "While this book covers all aspects of prostate cancer, it focusses heavily on seed implantation. Its a great resource for this. I've been treated by one of the authors in Seattle. This book can help you evaluate different treatment options with the up-to-date facts."

So an informative helpful book which could be a big weight off your shoulders if you are looking for more insight for yourself or somebody you know.

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