Monday, 13 December 2010

pirates of the caribbean 4 trailer

pirates of the caribbean 4 trailer

Johnny Depp's well renowned Captain Jack Sparrow character returns to big screens next summer in the fourth installment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean series of films and this one is called "On Stranger Tides". The film will feature the usual display of merfolk, magical fountains, malicious pirates and overweight kings and is sure to draw in crowds aplenty.

Franchise writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio went the Thoreau route (“Simplify, simplify”) and crafted their screenplay for On Stranger Tides as a stand-alone venture featuring Captain Jack, much like the first entry in the series, The Curse of the Black Pearl. Whereas that film revolved around villainous buccaneers cursed with immortality (being undead and all), next year’s POTC flick finds the lovable but incorrigible Jack Sparrow on a quest to avoid his inevitable demise by finding the legendary Fountain of Youth.

So the crowds will surely be flocking for the new edition in the series of Pirates of The Caribbean next summer and the following trailer gives a sample of what is on offer:

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