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bravo ii autoprinter

bravo ii autoprinter

Primera Bravo II AutoPrinter 62715 All-in-One CD/DVD Printing System

The Bravo II Autoprinter is Primera's most recent and most hi-tech all-in-one disc printing system. It automatically prints full-color, 4,800 dpi images directly onto the top surface of CDs and DVDs. It also produces stunning, full color CDs and DVDs in sets of up to 50 discs at a time.

It automatically feeds discs into and out of the printer and is the perfect companion to the tower-style duplicator you may already own, all for a price that's about the same as other manual disc printers! Bravo II is ideal for printing either one at a time, unique discs or jobs of up to 50 discs at a time. Models include both Windows-based PC and Mac software in every box.  

Integrated 4,800 DPI Printing
Bravo II incorporates stunning, full-color printing at up to 4,800 dpi -- the best in the industry. You'll be able to produce discs that look as professional as any you've ever seen using high-resolution text, graphics and even photos. Printing times are fast. It took just 54 seconds to print the disc shown here at 600 x 600 dpi resolution.

Exclusive AccuDisc Technology
With Bravo II, you'll also benefit from Primera's new patent-pending AccuDisc Technology. This suite of hardware and firmware enhancements provides the most accurate and precise disc picking available today. Utilizing advanced LED optics instead of mechanical components, AccuDisc eliminates misalignment of the picking mechanism. It also prevents the feeding of double discs into the printer tray- a common problem with other picking systems.

Many Choices of Media
Bravo II PickerBravo II produces not only standard 120-millimeter discs, but also several of the popular business card shaped and mini CD/DVD formats. An optional media adapter kit is required.

Get Up and Running Quickly
From initial set-up to full operation, Bravo II is easy to use. SureThing CD Labeler Primera Edition for Windows users is included. This program makes professional looking disc printing a snap with full-color backgrounds and templates. Mac and Windows users can also choose from Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator templates for disc design.

Large Disc Capacity
Bravo II can print up to 50 discs per job with the included Kiosk Mode Kit. Finished discs are dispensed out the center of the machine.

The Price/Performance Leader
Primera manufactures more automated disc publishing and duplication systems than any other company in the world. So, no matter what you need to print on your CDs and DVDs -- you can feel confident with the Bravo II's performance and reliability. Best of all, Bravo II delivers truly professional results at an affordable price.

Amazon Customer review: "This system has been a blessing for me. I used to print CD's one at a time and it was a real pain. As my business grew I needed more power. I recieved this two days before my daughter was born and set it up to use while I was on PAternity duty. It setup easy and ran very low maintenance. I was running it on a computer that was doing nothing but that, and technically not up to the spec they recommend. Occassionally I have to reboot the machine, but that's the case with any windows machine. I think it approx. 18 months I have likely burned and printed about 6000 CD's. Business is growing again and I recently bought a high speed duplicator. That machine cost me $1100 and will do 11 CD's or 43 seconds for me so my bravo is just used for printing now.

I strongly recommend this. It's not perfect, but nothing with moving parts that is used alot is going to be no maintenance forever. This machine has been a stud for me...."

So a very impressive and efficient manufacturing product of CD and DVD data and images for them and definitely a must buy for people mass producing them.

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