Wednesday, 15 December 2010

school board shooting video

school board shooting video

In Florida yesterday, a standard school board meeting was in the middle of discussing head lice to it's members when a gunman entered and saw the school board members begging for their lives. The gunman's name is Clay Duke and he interrupted the meeting in the Bay District School,with the gun and apparently his motive was based on the school board firing his wife, which are comments he reportedly mumbled.

In the chilling video captured by a WMBB News 13 camera, the board members try to reason with Duke and try to save one another from the gunman. At another point, Superintendent Bill Husfelt asks Duke to let everyone else go, saying Husfelt was likely the one responsible for firing Duke's wife. Duke turns his gun on Husfelt and fires, but the bullets miss Husfelt.

The video ends there, but a few moments later, a security guard entered the room and exchanged fire with Duke. One shot hit Duke in the leg. The police told the Associated Press that Duke then turned his gun on himself and committed suicide.

So a shocking tale in Florida ends with the perpetrator turning the gun on himself. Thankfully, no one else's life was taken in this traumatic ordeal

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