Sunday, 2 January 2011

Avril Lavigne Died

Avril Lavigne Died

Avril Lavigne has not died from the result of a snowboarding accident in Whistler. Today false death reports of the pop star are surfacing on Twitter. They claim Lavigne was on a Whistler Snow Trail with Brody Jenner when it happened. The false reports have hit just as Lavigne debuts her new song which fans have been praising on Facebook sunday.

Since 2009, fake celebrity death reports have become more frequent, more encompassing, and faster spreading. Initially spread via message boards in 2009, such reports spread quicker in 2010 via the popularity of Twitter. But as the fake reports grew, their lack of originality remained unchanged . Whether it’s Nick Jonas in 2009 or Lavigne in 2011, celebrity death reports generally start with a vacation spot, add a fake crash, and usually insert a vehicle like a train, plane, or car.

So another fabricated story about another celebrity which is sure to be a talking point as to why it was started.

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