Wednesday, 5 January 2011

homeless man radio voice

homeless man radio voice

An Ohio homeless man called Ted Williams is the talk of the internet today after a youtube video recorded an exhibit of the wild-haired man's golden radio voice. Former DJ, Williams fell on hard times in the mid 1990's and found himself on the side of I-71 and Hudson Street in Columbus, holding aloft a sign that declared “I have a God-given gift of voice.”

This morning, a tidied-up Williams fielded job offers on the phone as he visited WNCI’s Dave & Jimmy morning show and then chatted with CBS’s The Early Show. Williams discussed his hard times with the radio jocks, admitting his addictions to alcohol and other drugs, but it was heartwarming to see him reveling in a familiar studio setting with a headset and microphone.

So a somewhat rags to riches tales here and surely off this bout of popularity he will be able to establish a financial outlet for his talent.

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