Tuesday, 4 January 2011

bill erwin

bill erwin

Bill Erwin, actor who is most well known for his emmy-nominated part as a crotchety old man on "Seinfeld", passed away at his home in Studio City, California, on Wednesday at 96 of age-related causes, the Los Angeles Times reports. He was a well respect actor whose lengthy career spanned films, television and the stage.

Erwin starred in a 1993 episode of "Seinfeld," playing an elderly man named Sid Fields with whom Jerry Seinfeld volunteers to spend time. Erwin's portrayal of the foul-mouthed, paranoid shut-in became one of the more memorable guest spots in the show's history. Fields is convinced that the CIA is after him, his maid is stealing his money and Jerry has come to kill him. "I wasn't born yesterday," Fields says in the episode. "I might drop dead today, but I sure as hell wasn't born yesterday."

So the actor passes away but leaves a huge body of work behind him so he won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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