Saturday, 8 January 2011

elvis presley birthday

elvis presley birthday

Saturday sees the 76th birthday of the man widely known as "The King". The lip curling, hip bopping king. This year, his yearly birthday celebration, which featured the usual fan festivities, also saw the journey of one of the 33 Chilean miners, Edison Pena, visiting graceland.

Pena would sing Elvis songs to keep up the spirits as the miners were trapped underground for 69 days last year. If you're in the Chicago area you can also check out Blue Suede Shoes: The Ultimate Tribute. This concert, held on what would be Elvis Presley’s 76th birthday, will take place at the Center for Performing Arts at Governors State University in Chicago at 8 p.m. You can also catch Elvis Presley birthday tributes throughout January in Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There are also several Elvis Presley birthday tribute concerts in January across the nation.

So plenty of ways to commemorate the birthday of one of the most important artists in modern music.

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