Friday, 7 January 2011

jumpin jammerz

jumpin jammerz

Jumpin Jammerz, are footie pajamas for women and have started a craze amongst shoppers this winter time. The comfort factor of the garment is certainly a winner making these night garments so sought after and the patterns and wild colors help to attract shoppers too.

Whatever the popularity factor is, I can be pretty sure it is not the price tag that is driving people to purchase these pj’s. Prices vary from around $45 to $60, depending on where you purchase them. Fact is you can grab a pair of Women’s Guide Gear Footie Pajamas in a variety of colors for under $25 a pair. now that’s a big difference in the price tag. No more cold feet. Women’s Guide Gear Footie Pajamas are WARM, soft, 100% polyester fleece. PRICED RIGHT!

So certainly a popular item at this time of year and would help keep the winter chills at bay with it's warm design.

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