Saturday, 8 January 2011

htc touch 2 t3333

htc touch 2 t3333

HTC Touch2 T3333 GSM SmartPhone Unlocked with Windows Mobile 6.5, Wi-Fi, and Touch Screen-- International Version with No Warranty (Brown)

The HTC Touch2 is well equipped to assist you will all the things you want from your phone. Stay in touch with friends, find out their updates on facebook, check your mail or browse the web. It's all at the touch of a finger on a small phone which slots nicely into your hand.

You can add games and applications from the Windows Marketplace to personalize your experience. And you can keep your stuff safe when you back up to Microsoft's My Phone servers without a PC. Call your colleagues or friends by finding a familiar face. Browse through incoming text and multimedia messages with just a flick. Pick out your day's attire by checking the weather tab. Read up on the hottest news from the browser. Check the calendar and get ready to be a star at your next meeting. All this and more delivered to you on the super intuitive interface that puts the most important content within your fingertip's reach. It's better to have all the ways to stay connected and not need them - than to need them and not have them.

Amazon customer review: "I'm so happy with this phone! It looks great, it is sleek and simple to use, and for a very cheap price compared to similar Windows Mobile phones.
I needed a new phone, and even though i'm a designer, I'm not into iPhones, that everybody has, and which I find to bulky and too gimmicky (i dont need that my icons fly or fade or whatever, i just want them to bring me to what I need). I wanted a good looking phone that is quick, easy to understand, and that you can backup.
The features I use the most are : phone (yes!), sms, contacts, album, file explorer, camera.
I almost never use it to read mp3s or videos, but the demo video looks very good.
I disabled the TouchFlo because I found the clock too big, and I wanted to show the calendar with several appointments (TouchFlo allows only one) -- so I went back to the "old" Today screen, but there are many ways to customise it.

So if you are fan d'iPhone, you will not be impressed by the Touch 2,

BUT if you want something between the Blackberry (very business oriented) and the iPhone (more a toy than a phone), then the HTC will be perfect for you!"

Another impressive smartphone model from HTC with many features which are sure to satisfy any buyer wanting a high tech and stylish phone.

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