Saturday, 8 January 2011

Steffi Graf

steffi graf

Andre Agassi gives no quarter when it comes to doing whatever it takes to raise money at a charity auction. At a charity event in Taiwan on Thursday, Agassi made a nude picture of his wife, Steffi Graf, available to be viewed by a winning bidder, so long as the bid was more than $4,000, reports Sports Illustrated.

Agassi had to own up on the promise, and the bidder appeared appreciate of his opportunity to see the pictures (pictured to left). "You pay more than $4,000, and I will show you a picture of my wife on my phone naked," Agassi said. The crowd appeared to get a kick out of it and a bidder eventually seized the opportunity to see the photo. Agassi showed the bidder his phone and then the two shook hands and hugged.

So a somewhat humourous display of devotion to the cause from former Tennis star Agassi and the recipient of the pricey view seemed to think it was worth every penny!

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