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advertise in google

advertise in google

Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with Adsense, Adwords, and the Google APIs [Paperback]

Advertising on the web is a huge market to exploit and this is proved by estimated millions that the market is going to grow to in 2010. A $7 billion market today is expected to grow to $18.9 billion by 2010. Jupiter Research also claims that search advertising will become a bigger share in the market than display advertising.

These phenomenal numbers are due largely to Google, which has changed the way the world publishes content - and advertises.

Google Advertising Tools from O'Reilly examines the business and technology behind making money with content and advertising on the web. This focused, easy-to-read guide shows you how to use Google's advertising services to make it happen. You'll find all the background information you need to work with Google AdSense, which automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site, and Google AdWords, which lets you generate text ads that accompany specific search term results.

This book has specific and detailed sections on:

* Turning your web site into a profit center with AdSense
* Making sense of AdSense metrics
* Driving traffic to your site
* Optimizing sites for search engine placement
* Working with AdWords campaigns, auctions, and reports
* Managing campaigns dynamically using the AdWords APIs

Once you've read all four parts, you'll have a comprehensive picture of how advertising works on the web and how you can use the Google advertising programs to your advantage.

Amazon customer review: "If you're interested in monetizing the content in your blog or website, it's worth reading this book to see how it's done... Google Advertising Tools by Harold Davis.

Part 1 - Making Money with Your Website: Build It and They Will Come - Creating Popular Web Sites; Driving Traffic to Your Site; Optimizing Sites for Search Engine Placement; Making Money with Affiliate Programs; CPC Advertising; Profiting from Adult Sites
Part 2 - Getting the Most from AdSense: Understanding Google, AdSense, and AdWords; Working with AdSense; Making Sense of AdSense
Part 3 - Working with AdWords: Using AdWords; Improving Campaign and Ad Group Performance; AdWords Reporting and Conversion Tracking
Part 4 - Using the AdWords APIs: Understanding the AdWords API; Programming the AdWords API; Navigating the AdWords Objects Hierarchy; Keyword Estimation
Glossary; Index

When I first started reading this book, I was a little surprised at the title. In Part 1, the author covers much more than just Google's revenue opportunities. He talks about the different associate programs like Amazon (which I participate in), and I was picking up quite a bit of information on how the whole web advertising model works. But then starting in Part 2 and beyond, he focuses directly on the Google platform, and how you can implement AdSense (which I also participate in) and AdWords on your site to drive traffic and/or generate revenue. Many of the abbreviations common to advertising (like CPC) were a bit foreign to me, but after this material I now have a much better understanding of what's going on. If I were counting on my blog to generate substantial revenue, this information would be invaluable to me. And if I were an advertiser looking at AdWords, I wouldn't venture into the water without this book. Serious, solid information that can offer you a real return on investment on your book-buying dollar..."

So a very informative and essential book for those wanting to master the art of advertising with Google and also to make the most of what revenue they can make.

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