Monday, 6 December 2010

google ebooks

google ebooks

Google Inc. today made another bold statement in the tech industry, by starting it's eagerly awaited online bookstore as it's own gesture in response to the offerings from Amazon.Inc and Apple Inc. The new Google ebook store has over 3 million titles, where many are free of charge, from around 4,000 publishers, including Simon & Schuster Inc and Random House.

Additionally, Google will let independent bookstores sell books through their own sites on the Google e-book store. “Launching Google eBooks is an initial step toward giving you greater access to the vast variety of information and entertainment found in books,” said Abraham Murray, product manager of Google Books in a posting announcing the Google eBooks launch on the company’s official blog.
What WikiLeaks means for cloud services.

So a very interesting business venture from Google which is sure to bring many interest customers to it and reap rewards for the company.

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