Wednesday, 8 December 2010

christina aguilera leaked photos

christina aguilera leaked photos

Christina Aguilera claims leaked photos that sprung onto the internet today were taken from her without her knowledge. She says the scandalous pictures were taken from digital devices she had and at the minute she hasn't named any suspects but says she will get to the bottom of it and go after them.

Earlier today, LALATE first reported that leaked pictures of someone resembling Aguilera had the net. Aguilera now says the pictures are of her; she says the photos were taken “in the privacy of [... her] home”.

Aguilera’s rep issued a statement to TMZ stating that the pictures were taken specifically to be used “only” for the singer and her “stylist”. Aguilera’s rep gave news no indication how the pictures got posted online but indicated that the “press … purchased and/or obtained” the pics.

So another celebrity becoming the "victim" of a nude photo shame which is sure to become a big controversy.

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