Saturday, 11 December 2010

Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat

R&B/Soul singer Keith Sweat has not passed away contrary to some reports. many death rumors surface via misplaced reports and whilst some can cause distress, others give the celebrity a much welcomed boost in popularity. Sweat has been releasing material since 1987 and his debut album, "Make It Last" was released.

Since then he’s had ten hit albums including his latest, Ridin’ Solo, released this June of 2010. Since 2007, Sweat has been the host of a nationally syndicated radio program based upon the Quiet storm format. The Keith Sweat Hotel (known as The Quiet Storm with Keith Sweat on WBLS in New York City) is syndicated through Premiere Radio Networks. Perhaps we will finally see a Keith Sweat album go to #1? Keep your eye out for Ridin’ Solo to climb the charts as this rumor flies around the internet.

So another death rumor which has been proven to be misplaced. The reprucussions of the rumor may be turned round in Sweat's favor as he will find his name in the limelight again.

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