Friday, 10 December 2010

miley cyrus bong

miley cyrus bong

Apparently there is a video surfacing on the internet of Miley Cyrus with a bong. The footage should become to be damning for the 18 year old but the question is was she really smoking marijuana or was it all a front? Apparently she was smoking something but it wasn't marijuana. The smoke filled device was apparently full of natural herb called salvia.

The natural herb reportedly has psychedelic qualities which is probably why Cyrus seems to be giggling up a storm in the footage.

In California it is ok to have salvia in your possession. I am not entirely sure I believe that it was not pot but since I am clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff I guess I will choose to believe it until it is proven otherwise. The story that is being told is that a friend of Cyrus’s filmed it then the friend’s person with the film in it was stolen.

That still begs the question of why she let someone take footage of her doing the stunt at all. Possibly to shed herself of the teeny bopper image she has.

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