Monday, 6 December 2010

qwop game

qwop game

Anybody that has experienced the flash game QWOP where you are designed to control a runner's leg and thigh muscles to make him run, you will already be in the know about it being the hardest game that anyone can play. The controls are using the keyboard keys Q-W-O-P. Q and W for the legs and O,P for the calves.

In QWOP game you’re playing an Olympic athlete named Qwop who participated in the sprint race of 100 meters in an Olympic Games.

Gamers must strive for Qwop could run as far as possible without falling. If you need help, there is the question mark button you can press in the top left corner of the screen game. Or if you feel you will lose, you can simply restart by pressing the R key. It's just a flash game so no hassles and other resources needed.

So an intriguing game for people who are looking for a unique, challenging game and one that is easy to get access for as it is merely a flash game.

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