Sunday, 5 December 2010

las vegas marathon

las vegas marathon

The frontrunner of the marathon field is leading ahead by roughly 3 minutes in the 18th mile, however the runner's identity is at present unknown. The unknown marathoner has a race bib and chip, but the event organizers haven't been able to track who the runner is in their entry records yet but sources say he's running a very good race.

Poland's Dorota Gruca, who took third in the 2005 Las Vegas Marathon is leading the women's field through 16 miles. Gruca turned 40 today. Hours ago the Strip was filled with rodeo fans, but early this morning, the cowboys were replaced with dozens of Elvises, brides, grooms and world-class athletes ready to run the The Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon. Under clear skies with no wind and temperatures in the mid-40s, approximately 30,000 runners hit the start line around 7 a.m.

So an exciting prospect for the racers in the marathon and they will surely be wanting to finish as near to the top as they can.

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