Thursday, 9 December 2010

westboro baptist church

westboro baptist church

Westboro Baptist Church is a church situated in Kansas with a long record of organising controversial and politically incorrect protests. They have today announced that the members of the church are to hold a protest at Elizabeth Edward's funeral in Raleigh, N.C this weekend.

In a statement released on the church's website -- the URL of which,, gives a pretty good sense of the group -- Westboro accused Edwards of "spewing blasphemy" and mounting a "smash-mouthed assault on His deity."
"Elizabeth Edwards & her faithless husband, John, lightly esteemed what they had. They coveted things that were not theirs - and presumptuously thought they could control God," the statement reads in part. Edwards, an advocate of gay rights and same-sex marriage, died on Tuesday after a six-year battle with cancer.

So clearly a very provocative occurence again made by the notorious religious group and hopefully their nuisance won't upset any of the funeral goers.

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