Monday, 15 November 2010

dean sheremet

dean sheremet

Reports confirm that Dean Sheremet has decided to tie the know again. This time the chef is engaged to Sarah Silver, a photographer, and People magazine are believed to be the first ones to declare the news and LeAnn Rimes, Dean's ex wife, is also to have been heard congratulating the couple on her twitter page.

She cited ‘a little birdie’ as her source in the tweet. Rimes is also known to have responded to many of her fans’ questions regarding the engagement. It was palpable from her tweets that she was happy with her Ex- husband getting engaged. It is also learnt that Sheremet proposed while the couple was spending a morning together. The source also confirms the couple is due to get married in NYC next summer.

Whether there is bad blood between Dean and Rimes isn't clear as her twitter tweets could be a formality for her to save face.

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