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dynamics nav 2009

dynamics nav 2009

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 [Paperback]

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is the latest offering from the NAV application (formerly known as Navision) from the Microsoft Dynamics line of products that brings a 3-tiered architecture, web services enablement, and many more exciting features, to the well established Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Although Dynamics NAV is carefully designed for ease of use, attaining measurable business gains requires an understanding of business, finance, analysis and design techniques, programming skills, and the ability to manage complex projects coupled with an expert knowledge of the product itself.

This book distils hard won experience into an easy to follow guide to implementing the full power of Dynamics NAV in your business. It won't just tell you how to do it; it will show you how to do it. It will help you to become a better consultant or developer by providing practical examples and expert advice.

From an introduction to the new RoleTailored user interface to a series of practical web services programming tutorials, you will gain a deep understanding of what NAV 2009 has to offer compared to previous versions. With a strong emphasis on practical examples, we take you through the implementation process and provide guidance on configuring the Chart of Accounts and Dimensions for financial analysis, how to use the Rapid Implementation Toolkit (RIM) to reduce implementation effort and an overview of the Sure Step implementation methodology. You will learn how to take a business problem through to a working solution using industry standard techniques such as use-case modelling and object-role modelling. We will teach you how to design and develop NAV objects including the new Page object and the Client Reporting Services report layouts.


Written in an easy-to-read style, this book is a refreshing alternative to the official Microsoft training and reference material which, although comprehensive, can sometimes be tiring to read. This is not a reference book, although you may find you refer to it often, giving you access to years of experience in implementing and programming Dynamics NAV. You will learn all the new features in NAV 2009, without needing to invest significant study time.
From the Publisher
Who this book is written for?

Dynamics NAV implementation consultants and developers that want to quickly understand the new features offered in the 2009 release.

NAV consultants that want to learn more about programming and extensibility without needing to learn a programming language will also benefit from this book.

NAV programmers that want to learn about finance configuration and solution design in order to be a better programmer and design better solutions can also use this book.

What you will learn from this book?

* Discover the new features in NAV 2009 such as the 3-tiered architecture, the RoleTailored client, and Web Services Enablement
* Learn about the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model and how to apply Role-Centric Thinking to your NAV implementations
* Avoid common implementation mistakes by benefiting from the expert insights of NAV consultants with over 20 years of ERP experience
* Improve your solution design expertise with basic accounting principles
* Explore the extensive personalization capabilities of the RoleTailored client
* Discover programming for non-programmers by creating NAV objects without writing code
* Learn about the phases in Sure Step and why an implementation methodology is so important to successful projects
* Create useful add-ons and extend your core application using web services enablement

Amazon customer review of this product: "ERP implementation process will determine success of your project.

Regardless if you are a customer or an consultant - you can learn a lot from this book. If you are a customer you will save money by avoiding typical mistakes and speed up your implementation. If you are a consultant, this is your manual in which you can find not only best practices but a number of sound advices.

Do not underestimate importance of good preparation, and if your ERP of choice is Mycrosoft Dynamics NAV (which is btw. a good choice) then this book is a must read for you."

So an in depth look into using the Microsoft Dynamics program and is an essential, valuble read for anyone looking to implement it into their business dealings.

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