Saturday, 20 November 2010

taiyo yuden dvd 16x

taiyo yuden dvd 16x

JVC/Taiyo Yuden White Inkjet (Hub Printable ) 16x DVD-R Media 100 Pack in Tape Wrap - ValueLine

Taiyo Yuden specialise in DVD-Rs as well as CD-Rs and on these ones they offer, there is a capacity of 4.7GB on each disc available to store data on alongside impressive quality and efficiency. You can store media files such as videos, music and documents as well as most other mediums of data.

White Inkjet Hub Printable surface. No stacking ring or groove allows full-face, hub printing! ValueLine DVD-R's are excellent, archival-grade dvd-r's, made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden. However, they are labeled as ValueLine by Taiyo Yuden because they don't meet Taiyo Yuden's highest testing standards for premium DVD-Rs.

Amazon Customer Review: "I have had no problems with these DVD+Rs. They are very sleek looking DVDs with little writing.Through research, it appears that Taiyo Yuden has done more to ensure longer life of their products over any other brand, including the major name brand products. I feel confident in using this brand and recommend it for recording and data back-up."

So definitely a great buy to suit your DVD-R needs and at an impressively low price, very much a brilliant offer.

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