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flat screen hd

flat screen hd

Philips 32PT830H 32" Flat-Screen HD-Ready TV

The 32-inch Philips 32PT830H flat-screen TV gives a true high-definition 1080i picture with widescreen (16:9) and full-screen (4:3) display modes. It also offers a 3D Y/C digital comb filter, scan velocity modulation, HD component and RGBHV inputs, and side A/V and S-video jacks for a slick, classy look.

The 32PT830H's flat tube provides wide viewing angle while minimizing reflections for the best picture possible. The special alloy invar shadow mask helps maintain tighter focus and eliminate "color blooming" as compared to standard tubes. The 3D Y/C digital comb filter separates chrominance (color) from luminance (brightness) information for independent processing to improve picture resolution and minimize distortion, while scan velocity modulation varies the electron beam speed for a more finely rendered picture with improved sharpness. The AutoPicture function instantly optimizes brightness, contrast, color, tint, and sharpness settings with picture presets for movies, sports, video games, and weak signal reception. Philips' Eye Fidelity line-doubling feature gives you the choice between progressive scan (480p) or a line-doubled (1080i) picture when viewing non-HD broadcasts.

This set has a built-in 181-channel tuner and two built-in speakers (10 watts apiece) that provide virtual surround sound. It's compatible with 1080i and 480p high-definition signals with an optional HDTV tuner. With the AutoSound feature, audio volume levels are automatically adjusted and optimized with the choice of three presets: movies, voice, music, plus an adjustable personal setting.

The included universal remote controls all TV features plus virtually all brands of VCR, DVD, cable TV converters and digital broadcast satellite receivers. The 32PT830H has HD component and RGBHV inputs for easy connection to HD set-top decoders and progressive scan DVD players. It also offers 3 composite A/V inputs (1 side), 1 A/V output, 2 S-Video inputs (1 side), 2 component inputs, and a headphone jack on the side.

What's in the Box
This package contains the 32PT830H 32-inch TV, remote control, 2 AA batteries, and printed operating instructions.

Product Description
Equipped with today's most advanced home-cinema technology, this Philips flat-screen monitor is also HDTV-ready for tomorrow. Not to mention it looks great on the shelf. Features: Real Flat high-contrast invar picture tube, the best-available 3D digital comb filtering, eye fidelity, active control that continuously maintains the optimal specifications you've set, 20W audio with sound-expanding Incredible Surround, HD component and RGBHV inputs (1080i/480p), widescreen 16:9, 4:3 and 4:3-Expand viewing, side stereo AV in with S-Video and headphone jack, rear stereo AV inputs/outputs with CVI and S-Video, and universal remote control. View larger image for cable hookup guidelines. $99.99 freight provides in-home truck delivery service ($200 value). Matching TV stand sold separately. Imported. 21-7/10Lx34-9/10Wx26-2/3H". Weight: 140.8 lbs.

Amazon customer review: Buy This TV!!, October 9, 2003
"I spent a significant amount of time researching TVs and found this unit attractive on paper but was hesitant to buy on-line without actually seeing it "live" , so to speak. Having had great success in the past with other Philips product I thought I would take a chance and am glad that I did. The price for this is great and it delivers all the quality you would expect. I would recommend this unit to anyone and everyone...and I haven't even been able to take advantage of the high-def as I have to wait until my local cable company finishes wiring my neighborhood for digital cable.... Great TV! "

So if you're looking for a flat screen TV, this is a great choice to pomp for and will present TV and video to you at the highest quality.

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