Saturday, 20 November 2010

shakti stream

shakti stream

According to reports, Shakti Stream and boyfriend, Colt Brennan are in a stable condition after they were in an accident in Hawaii yesterday. Another woman was involved in the accident, but details on her and her condition aren't confirmed at the moment.

Honolulu’s Star Advisor newspaper reports that Stream suffered a broken collarbone and spent the night in the hospital, but will be released today. Colt Brennan suffered cracked ribs, a left collarbone injury and possible head trauma, but none of it was life-threatening. Stream was driving an SUV with Brennan as her passenger. The Star Advisor says she told police the brake malfunctioned and caused her to cross the center line, colliding with a Saab head-on. Neither car was speeding. The unidentified driver of the Saab had serious leg injuries and was transported to an Oahu hospital.

So a nasty occurence for the couple and they will be hoping they can make a full recovery as soon as possible.

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