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os deployment

os deployment

Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Deployment v10.5 [Paperback]

Apple Training Series: Mac OS X v10.5 Deployment v10.5 uses a mix of task-based instruction and vivid visual displays to help intermediate and advanced users to learn how to deploy a wide array of files and systems to multiple users in a large business or organisation.

Author Kevin White takes readers through the deployment of software, ranging from individual files, to complete systems, to multiple users, discussing the range of methodologies used. Intermediate users will learn how to use Apple deployment tools, including Disk Utility, PackageMaker, Apple Software Restore, and NetBoot. Advanced users will learn how to customize deployment solutions with scripts to provide post-installation configuration. Throughout the book, users learn how to tie all of the solutions together to create fully integrated software and hardware deployment plans..

5.0 out of 5 stars A treasury of focused lessons, step-by-step building blocks, October 12, 2008
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Completely updated for the Mac OSX v10.5 Leopard and certified by Apple is this official reference for the certification course, a highly recommended pick for any attempting certification. Classrooms will consider it a valuable text, self-educators will consider the task-based instruction and strong visuals lend to self-study, and Apple administrators will learn from this how to deploy a range of items to multiple systems in all sizes of organizations. With its Apple-certified branding, this training manual is a treasury of focused lessons, step-by-step building blocks, and even chapter goals and time management insights. Very highly recommended.

Diane C. Donovan

So clearly a vital and very valuble tool in being able to present data to groups of people and will be very beneficial for organisations and businesses which need to do this.

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