Tuesday, 16 November 2010

glass touch screen

glass touch screen

Replacement Repair LCD Glass Touch Screen Cover Digitizer for Apple iPod Touch 2 2nd Generation

Got an ipod touch 2 / 2nd generation with a cracked or damaged screen and need it repaired and replaced? Well this is just the product you need. Included in the box is the top glass and digitizer / touch screen function, the right tool for the installation, and a link for you to go to online to get our step by step guide with pictures and hints and do's and don't's.

Compatible : iPod Touch 2 / 2nd generation.

5.0 out of 5 stars Do Not Man Handle, TAKE YOUR TIME !!!, August 13, 2010
By Andrew Sepulveda (Miramar, fl, US)

I haven see a lot of people that bash the product.Yes the product is cheap (would you like to pay 100 plus for apple to do it), but it works. This repair is easy and fast to do. The biggest problem is that people try to remove the old screen like they are removing the lung nuts on their car. I have repaired may Apple products before. This was my first IPod Touch. I have learned with Apple is, everything is beautiful with their product, shiny, sleek and fine lines, which mean, TIGHT!!!! You have to remove (even if the old screen is broken)the old screen very gently. TAKE YOUR TIME!! You are going to trash the bezel, no mater what, the clips lock on with a death grip. Order a new Bezel with the screen, the only thing you will get from the old bezel is the button, and be careful on removing that too. Make sure you order a bezel that has the adhesive tape running the whole length of the bezel, there are many on Amazon to order from. The repair took about 20 minutes. One more thing, there are Many Videos on Youtube on the repair, watch them, study them, learn..

So if you're one of the unlucky ones to have dropped your phone on the ground or dropped something heavy on it and as a result have a cracked screen this is just what you need to get it back to full health.

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