Thursday, 18 November 2010

earthlink webmail

earthlink webmail

Earthlink webmail is a proprietary web mail program that has been built by and it has been developed using all the features and functions of the most popular email clients you normally used to send and dispatch email. Although this is an ideal service, users of it should make sure that they take measures to ensure their security and privacy.

Like many similar services online, there are security issues that can easily be overlooked. When accessing your Earthlink Webmail account in a public place, such as a local library, or internet cafe. You should always make sure that no one is watching you type in your password, when logging in to your account. Unless you are using your own personal computer in a home environment, you should never use the “Remember my login on this computer” facility, that is available on the login screen.

So makes sure if you plan to use this feature, that you always have one eye on whether your password and personal data won't be shared with others.

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