Tuesday, 16 November 2010

jack in the box

jack in the box

Today Jack In The Box is putting free tacos up for grabs to anyone who comes into their stores. You can get two tacos, which are usually $0.99 on the value menu. The store is renowned for being open 24 hours a day but whether this food offer extends on to midnight isn't clear.

There is no purchase required in order for you to receive your free tacos. All you have to do is mention the deal when you go to order. It can be accompanied by other items if you would like to grab a burger of sandwich as well. The tacos will not be available until after 2 PM and there is currently a limit of two free tacos per customer. This seems like an excellent way for the fast food branch to continue promoting their value menu, which provides individuals with the late night munchies with a cheap, delicious option that has a drive through.

So if you've never tried the Mexican food known as Tacos, here is your chance to free of charge.

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