Sunday, 28 November 2010

i cant lose weight

i cant lose weight

Can't Lose Weight? Unlock the Secrets That Keep You Fat! [Paperback]

Can’t Lose Weight? You Could Have Syndrome X by Dr. Sandra Cabot

If you find it too much of a mountain to climb to lose weight, have a disposition to gaining weight around your abdomen and have high blood pressure you may be experiencing a syndrome known as syndrome x. The cause is rooted in a chemical imbalance that makes our body store fat instead of burning it.

Syndrome X is the number one reason most people are unable to lose weight. In CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT? internationally known diet expert Dr. Sandra Cabot reveals the hidden causes of weight excess and outlines a viable course of action for overcoming Syndrome X. Featuring a 12-week metabolic weight-loss eating program with recipes, CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT? addresses the factors that prevent you from losing weight and offers permanent and sensible solutions.

•Dr. Cabot’s books have sold over one million copies worldwide.

•Approximately 60 million people suffer from Syndrome X in the United States alone.

Amazon customer review: "I went to see Dr Cabot in person when a friend dragged me along. The whole time she was talking to the 500+ people there I could have SWORN that she was talking to me directly. I bought this book the next day and over the following three months I lost 30kg (that's 66 pounds in US language) and it was not so much the weight loss - but I felt like a million dollars :-) I would recommend this book to anyone."

So a very interesting read if you are finding it too much of a struggle to fight weight gain and need information relating to syndrome x.

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