Thursday, 2 December 2010

miami heat vs cleveland cavaliers

miami heat vs cleveland cavaliers

Cavs Vs. Heat is already on it's way to becoming one of the highlights of the recent history of the NBA, and halftime hasn't even approached yet! The drama that began to surface in August when the NBA announced the 2010-2011 schedule hit fever pitch when Lebron James came out of the tunnel.

James was greeted by a loud chorus of boos along with plenty of profane chants. He has responded with 13 points to help the hated Heat take comfortable lead in the second quarter. Although the outcome of the game remains uncertain, the biggest question of the night was answered before the opening tip-off. As the players took the court, James stepped to the scorer's table and tossed chalk high into the air. His customary act provided another reminder of how life used to be in Cleveland.

So a hotly anticipated game has met the expectations and is still in full flow. For full coverage of the match there will be sites online streaming it.

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