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oral b triumph manual

oral b triumph manual

 Oral B Triumph 9900 Toothbrush with Smart Guide

Oral-B's most hi-tech rechargabletoothbrush, Triumph with Smartguide makes it possible for better brushing which means better oral health. Clinically tested and proven to give extraordinary cleaning and better brushing habits for healthy teeth and gums, Triumph with SmartGuide's 3D Excel Action has 40,000 in-and-out pulsations per minute that gently release plaque from teeth, and 8,800 side-to-side oscillations that sweep it off the teeth gently.

Its innovative remote wireless display is specifically designed to give you the knowledge and guidance to brush thoroughly, gently, and for the dental recommended two minutes. This wireless monitor features the first visual pressure sensor alert to help reduce hard brushing and prevent gum recession--a precursor to tooth loss.

The SmartGuide features include:

* Visual Pressure Sensor: Lets you know if you’re brushing with the right amount of pressure. In a clinical study, the sensor is shown to reduce hard brushing in 9 out of 10 users.
* Improved Brushing Guide: Takes you through all the quadrants of your mouth, ensuring that each section is equally well cleaned.
* Pausable Professional Timer: If you need to stop brushing, you can pause the timer and resume where you left off
* Change Your Brush Head Alert: When it’s time to replace, a message appears on the SmartGuide.
* Four customized brushing modes , each gentle on your gums:
o Clean- Choose this mode at any time you brush for the benefit of ultimate plaque removal and the confidence of exceptional whole-mouth cleaning.
o Sensitive- This mode offers a more gentle approach toward getting a thorough brushing for your teeth and gums.
o Massage- Achieve the benefits of thorough yet gentle gum stimulation, recommended for maintaining strong, healthy gums.
o Polish- ProWhite brush head with special polishing cup retains toothpaste longer to remove stains for whiter teeth in only 21 days.

Amazon customer review: "I used an electric toothbrush before this, and so I assumed that the transition would be easy. Surprise! I at first found that the Triumph was shockingly rough! For the first week I had to use it on the gentle setting, but after a week I got used to it and switched to the normal setting. I found that that the monitor is useful to time the session and I think that it is worth the extra money.

For what it is worth:
Normally when I visit the dentists office, the technician spends considerable time scraping off the plaque from my teeth. I went 2 weeks ago, and there wasn't any plaque for her to remove. None. Additionally, I have rather poor flossing habits, and the technician usually causes my gums to bleed. This time she commented on how healthy my gums were - even between my teeth (I did not admit that I had not flossed in a month). Note: I am not advocating that you don't floss, just admitting that I don't."

So another impressive electric brush from the Teeth experts Oral B and surely a good investment if you're looking for help in keeping teeth clean.

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