Thursday, 2 December 2010

celebration florida

celebration florida

Disney's scenic Florida Community by the name of Celebration had to deal with it's first murder on Tuesday and it's the first since it began 14 years ago. Celebration is a town situated five miles south of Disney World and it is where 58 year old man, Matteo Giovanditto, who was home alone in a condo and killed over thanksgiving weekend.

Neighbors got suspicious because they hadn't seen Giovanditto since the day before Thanksgiving, so they called the police. "This is very rare and unusual for a crime of this magnitude to occur in this community," said Twis Lizasuain, a sheriff's spokeswoman. She further said that the murder was "an isolated incident" and that "we don't believe the safety of the residents is in jeopardy." The town, brainchild of then-president of the Disney Development Corp. Peter Rummell, opened in 1996 to residents.

So a disturbing, unfortunate incident for the residents of the community and hopefully the family and next of kin of the man are able to recover from the tragedy asap.

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