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digital stage piano

digital stage piano

Casio PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

The hot off the shelves, casio Privia PX-130 rewrites the rules on the digital piano category with unprecedented sound quality and performance in a stylish package that is always portable. It also features all new grand piano samples and a new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard and with it measured at 25 lbs on weighing scales, the Casio Privia PX-130 is practical enough for home, church, school or on stage.

Realism, Expression and Dynamics
The grand piano sounds in the PX-130 delivers an unprecedented level of realism and expression. Four dynamic layers of stereo piano samples are integrated with Casio's proprietary Linear Morphing System, resulting in a grand piano sound with seamless transitions and a superior dynamic range. For added realism, the PX-130 simulates the sound of the open strings when the dampers are raised by the pedal using Acoustic Resonance DSP. The PX-130 also has 128-note polyphony, enough horsepower for the most demanding musical passages and the ability to layer sounds and use the damper pedal without worry of dropped notes. The result is a grand piano experience that is unmatched at any price.

Expressive Touch
The Privia PX-130 features a new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard. Casio's superior engineering has resulted in an authentic piano touch that captures every detail and nuance of your performance. This scaled hammer action provides the weight, feel and resistance without sacrificing the portability of the instrument.

Education Features
In addition to the superior keyboard action and piano sound, the PX-130 is the perfect instrument for music education. Featuring Casio's Duet mode, the keyboard can be split into two equal ranges, allowing student and teacher to play at the keyboard simultaneously. The PX-130's built-in 2 track recorder and metronome allows you to practice any tempo and later listen back to what you just played. The recording features can also be used to capture moments of creativity and remember song ideas. The optional SP-32 pedal board simulates an acoustic grand piano by providing all three pedals - soft, sostenuto and damper.

Connect and Create
It's easy to connect the PX-130 to your computer with its built in USB MIDI interface. The PX-130's 88-note weighted scaled hammer action keyboard makes it an ideal controller keyboard for using with music software applications. The USB connection also allows you to move songs to and from the computer into PX-130's flash ROM, allowing to you save songs you've created.

Versatility, Portability and Design
Whether you're at home, church, school or on stage, the PX-130 was designed to tackle it all, making it a valuable investment. With its light weight, you can easily take the PX-130 from home, to the classroom or even to the gig and back with no worries. It connects easily to your computer via USB, and its Duet mode is perfect for student and teacher practice. The technology in the Casio PX-130 allows you to do it all.

Plenty of Variety
Choose from 16 built in tones, and combine if desired--layered or split. Further define your sounds with four digital reverbs, four choruses, along with a brilliance and acoustic resonance setting.

Two Headphone Connections
The PX-130 features two headphone connections, ideal for the duet function.

Powerful Speaker System
The PX-130 features built-in speakers, with 2 x 8 Watts of output power, to fill a room with sound.

With the optional SP-32 three-pedal unit, add damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals to the PX-130.

Optional Custom Wood Stand
The CS-67 custom wood stand is available for adding a bit of elegance and holding your PX-130 at ideal level.

What's in the Box
Privia PX-130 Keyboard, AC Adapter, Music Stand, User's Manual

Amazon customer review: "There are several excellent reviews already, so I'll try to make this short, and will focus on the specific reasons I bought this keyboard.

First, let me say that I've been playing piano for 32 years. 14 of those years I played professionally (as in, I got paid to play; nothing too fancy, but I'm just trying to establish some credibility as a musician). I've played several hundred different pianos and keyboards over the years. I own, in fact, an Alesis QS8 keyboard, which was a phenomenal keyboard when it came out 12-13 years ago, and is still in use and highly sought after today. However, the thing must be made of bricks. And the hard shell case needed to protect it weighs a ton too. And, the amp that you have to take with you everywhere you go wasn't too light either. I found myself missing opportunities to play at times because I just didn't want to lug everything around.

So, I started looking for a lighter keyboard, and I came across the PX-130. I liked how it sounded online, but was afraid I wouldn't like it in person--either because of the actual sound, or because of the feel. Like I said, I've played piano for 32 years, and if the thing didn't sound and feel right, I wasn't going to get it. So I went to a local store and played with one for an hour or so.

It's absolutely amazing. The feel is wonderful, the sound is beautiful, and the touch feels just right to me. It's not like playing a Yamaha C5, but it's as good as, and in fact better than, any other keyboard I've ever played. I've played many real pianos with less enjoyable actions.

As for the speaker volume, it's easily loud enough to be used in a small group setting with other instruments, or as a solo instrument in a decent sized room without any other amplification. Of course, you can always plug it into a sound system or use a keyboard amp to get more volume, but for most of my purposes, it's good as is. Which means I can now "lug" around 26 lbs, instead of well over a hundred.

So, if you want a simple, light, 88-key keyboard that sounds and feels like a good quality piano, don't hesitate to purchase the Casio PX-130. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed."

So clearly a very practical and powerful product from Casio and definitely impressive and ideal for anyone looking to purchase a keyboard.

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