Sunday, 28 November 2010

speechmike pro

speechmike pro

Philips SpeechMike Pro 5274 - Trackball - wired - USB

With microphones it's all about user comfort. The Philips SpeechMike Pro 5274 includes customizable function buttons, making it possible for it to be adapted to your own preferences. Using the push buttons to manage your dictations and the light-weight device will rest comfortably in your hand during the lengthiest of periods of dictation.

The scroll wheel allows you to one-handed move through forms or documents, while the dustproof optical trackball offers unparalleled navigation accuracy.

Control the playback volume directly on the SpeechMike for highest convenience. Excellent sound quality ensures crystal-clear playback, saving time during the transcription process.

Amazon customer review: "I am using this microphone to dictate medical records along with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I found an immediate improvement in accuracy when I began using this microphone. I also feel that it fits very comfortably in the hand. The programmable buttons are handy time-savers. In fact, you can really utilize these more than I realized because each button is really 3 buttons in one as they are programmable for holding CTRL and SHIFT as well. They can activate function keys, macros, or type text macros. The trackball is not my favorite way to navigate my screen, but it is there if you don't feel like reaching for a mouse. It has given me an immediate boost in productivity and has made dictation more enjoyable. In fact, I am dictating this review, and have not needed to correct its output at all.

My only criticism is that it has a rather light, cheap feel in the hand. Also, the attractive red light that looks pretty on the advertisement (around the mic receiver and also illuminating the trackball) almost never comes on. Its an indicator light for recording, but it seems to only work with the recording test-program which the microphone comes with. It's a program which you will never use. The indicator lights never activate while dictating with Dragon. It's a minor criticism.

Summary: Nice mic, quality output, good ergonomics and convenient buttons. If it had a nicer "quality-feel" in the hand and indicator lights which worked with Dragon I would give it five stars easily."

So a light weight, practical piece of hardware which is sure to meet your dictation needs when needing to communicate information to another source.

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