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oral b 3000 professional

oral b 3000 professional

Oral-b 3000 Professional Care 3000 Electric Toothbrush, White and Blue

Regular manual toothbrushes can leave up to 50% of plaque behind on your teeth. To make sure plaque is eliminated from your teeth you should invest in the Oral-B® Professional Care® 3000 which ensures health to your whole mouth. Influenced by dental professionals tools, this rechargable toothbrush encompasses and cleans each tooth, covering hard-to-reach areas that regular manual toothbrushes just can't deal with.

The unique round brush head gently pulsates to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away, removing up to 2X more plaque than a regular manual brush. Oral-B® Professional Care® 3000 also helps improve gum health by helping to prevent and reverse gingivitis. Additionally, premium features include 3 cleaning modes and a unique Pressure Sensor that tells you when you’re brushing too hard. Oral-B’s exclusive cleaning action also helps naturally whiten teeth in just two weeks by removing surface stains. You can even customize your routine with a variety of Oral-B replacement brush heads. The #1 dentist recommended toothbrush brand worldwide, Oral-B® guarantees satisfaction in 60 days or your money back.

With Oral-B® Professional Care® 3000, you can customize your routine with a variety of Oral-B replacement heads:
Floss Action™

* Advanced cleaning deep between teeth
* Features soft MicroPulse™ bristles

Precision Clean

* Cleaner teeth, healthier gums (vs. a regular manual toothbrush)
* Features more cleaning bristles and superior tooth cupping (vs. original Precision Clean)

Pro White

* Advanced cleaning and whitening
* Features dentist-inspired polishing cup

Dual Clean

* Breaks up and sweeps away plaque
* Features two moving heads

Sensitive Clean

* Gentle, effective cleaning
* Features extra soft bristles

Amazon customer review: "I have been an Oral-B electric toothbrush user for the last 15 years. I have written Amazon reviews for Oral-B products dating back to 2002. I have had very few dental issues in this time although, in fairness, I must also report that I began daily flossing during this time as well, and that may be just as important.

This new model is a definite step up from the ancient "Plak Control Plus" model that I had been using. It's full name is "Professional Care 3000" and it definitely feels and sounds like a professional dental instrument. The head oscillates at a much higher rate than my old one. Please note that this is not an ultrasonic toothbrush. Cleaning is accomplished here purely by mechanical brushing action. The small, rotating brush head and slender handle allow you to get at and clean each surface of each tooth very quickly.

The 3000 offers three modes of operation which are available by successive presses of the on/off button. The first is "Daily Clean" which is what you are most likely to use on a regular basis. The second is "Sensitive" which reduces the head speed for sensitive areas or for those with sensitive teeth. The third is "Whitening" which is an odd repetitive increase/decrease of speed for "Exceptional whitening for occasional or everyday use."

The instructions that come with the 3000 recommend that you brush for 2 minutes - no less and no more. To assist you with this, once you turn the brush on it will pulse twice every 30 seconds. If you use each interval to clean one quadrant of your mouth, you'll be done in the recommended 2 minutes at which time the brush will pulse 4 times. To turn the brush off from any mode, just press and hold the on/off button.

Built into the 3000 is a "Hard Brushing Alert" which is an LED on the handle that lights up if you are pressing too hard. Brushing is most effective when the brush is pressed lightly against the teeth. Pressing too hard not only is less effective but will cause your brush heads to break down too quickly. The instructions say that the LED is, "Helping protect your teeth and gums from hard brushing," so apparently there's a dental health issue here as well. The brush is very powerful, so it's not difficult to see how too much pressure would be destructive to the surfaces of your teeth.

The brush comes with a charging stand and covered storage tray that can accommodate 4 brush heads. The storage tray is dishwasher-safe, the charging stand is not."

So clearly a very impressive tool that is a godsend for people looking for thorough dental care and teeth they can have full confidence in.

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