Saturday, 4 December 2010

Army Navy Game 2010

Army Navy Game 2010

The Army-Navy game 2010 tends to be the main attraction on championship Saturday. Instead, the Army-Navy game 2010 is a week away, whereas Oregon, Auburn and the other BCS contenders are playing today. It is conference championship Saturday but it is not the last day of the pre-bowl season which will be next Saturday when the academies meet each other again finally in Philadelphia.

As such, it serves as another example of how the Army-Navy game is different from the rest. Normally, this rivalry is resumed on the first week of December, or the last week of November in years past. However, the battle had nowadays been reduced to an undercard, before the conference championship showdowns later in the day. In this case, the Army-Navy game 2010 has been pushed back another week, while Oregon, Auburn, and teams from the ACC, Big 12 and Big East fight for BCS berths.

So an exciting prospect for football fans leading into the Army-Navy game next week and there will sure to be plenty of great action on show.

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