Thursday, 2 December 2010

paint thickness

paint thickness

Automotive Paint Thickness Meter Gauge Gage for Body Shops and used Car Dealers

This newly released paint gauge is a great device to detect the thickness of paints and coatings on magnetic metal like Steel and Iron. Possible ideal places for this tool include: car dealerships, used car buyers, appraisers, insurance agents, body shops and collision centers.

Especially useful if you are in the business of car auctions. It will allow you to measure the paint thickness and to identify parts of the car that might have been repaired and repainted. This might indicate previous, unreported accidents which impact the value of a used car, minivan or truck. Industrial and Manufacturing Check if the protective coating or paint on machine parts, buildings or on incoming raw material is of the correct thickness. Features: Factory calibrated, measures precisely right out of the box * Simple switch between mils or microns * Large LCD flip-display, easy to read in any position * Accurate readout in just 1 second * Memory records the last 10 measurements

Amazon customer review: "The product description calls this the CM8801-FN which works on both Aluminum and Steel/Iron cars. This is actually just the Fe which only works on Iron/Steel. I don't know whether it works, but just saw the listing and almost bought it even though it's the wrong product!"

So definitely a very useful product if you are looking to keep track of the paint consistency in it's thickness as you are on paint jobs.

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