Friday, 3 December 2010

ventura show fema

ventura show fema

Alex Jones, consultant to TruTV's conspiracy theory has confirmed that hotly contested episode "Police State" which dealt with FEMA camps and fusion centers is to be pulled from the air and "memory-holed" because of behind the scenes anxiety and pressure. The episode is now de-listed from TruTV's website along with bonus clips being removed and encore airings were removed and it wasn't aired during the recent conspiracy theory marathon.

Alex cannot elaborate further without compromising his sources, but you have heard people associated with the show discussing on the radio how certain unnamed powerful people did not want this revealing episode to air, how shadowy figures have been caught rummaging through the trash of producers for the show, and beyond.
The producers and talent for Conspiracy Theory, including former Governor Jesse Ventura, have shown a lot of courage in making their series as hard hitting as possible.

So a controversial and suspiscious move from the show and it will lead many to wonder what the episode has to reveal.

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