Monday, 22 November 2010

30gb hdd

30gb hdd

JVC Everio GZMG37 30GB HDD Digital Media Camcorder with 32x Optical Zoom

The age of digital tapes is a bygone thing and having to worry about exchanging mini DVD discs is another expired tradition as the time for hard drive recording is finally upon us. The JVC GZ-MG37 Everio camcorder boasts a 30 GB hard drive for recording seven hours of DVD movie-quality video--all in a remarkably small and lightweight package.

Now when you're on the go, all you have to bring is the camera--leave the tapes and recordable DVDs at home. The GZ-MG37 records in high-quality MPEG-2, the same format used for DVD movies. And because the camcorder employs a tapeless format, you can easily delete unwanted scenes, or instantaneously skip to the exact segment of footage you want to view--no fast forwarding or rewinding.

To protect the hard disk drive from shocks and vibrations, Everio camcorders have a protective floating suspension system that effectively dampens vibrations through advanced polymer shock absorbers. There's also a motion sensor that automatically senses sudden acceleration and turns off the power to protect the hard disk drive even if the camera is dropped. With a 30 GB hard drive, you can record to your heart's content. The camera features four different recording modes that let you choose the best balance between quality and recording time. In the highest quality mode, "Ultra," you'll get seven hours of recording time at full DVD image quality (720 x 480/60i) and with full Dolby Digital audio. Meanwhile, choosing the lowest quality mode, called Eco mode, gives you a whopping 37 hours of recording time

Amazon customer review: "This camera works great, even in low light. Colors are clean, focus is clear, stabilization works fine. I don't see any artifacts at all and I've been shooting video since 1988. My only complaint is that the start-up time ought to be quicker for a hard-drive camera. I picked up a slightly used specimen on ebay a few months ago for about $200-300 less than typical street prices and I am delighted with the results. Even the editing software does what I need it to do. If you want Hi-Def, then go take a gander at Hi-Def prices!"

So clearly a very good choice to opt for when wanting to splash out on a hdd camcorder which has plenty of storage space and recording time.

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