Wednesday, 24 November 2010

butterball turkey

butterball turkey

People with questions on how to thaw a turkey and table settings and cooking faux pas there is Butterbal's Turkey Talk-Line experts who are on standy to help domestic chefs make a delicious Turkey this thanksgiving. Whether it's rookies or veterans preparing the feast, Butterball helps out all cooks.

No matter if you deep fry, smoke, grill, or stick with the traditional roasting method, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is ready to offer essential tips, recipes and techniques to help Americans of all ages celebrate Thanksgiving the way they want it, classic with a contemporary twist that will appeal to all ages. While all generations agreed that traditional roasted turkey is tops, one in seven people between ages 18-30 and Gen-Xers, ages 31-44, report deep frying, smoking or grilling their turkeys on Thanksgiving.

So you need not worry about any disasters this thanksgiving with experienced help at hand with Butterball.

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