Tuesday, 23 November 2010



UDOT, the Utah Department of Transportation, is prepared for a big storm occuring in the state and is taking precautions immediately. One way the department is combatting against the weather trouble is with UDOT trucks which will be filled with a brine solution and it will be sprayed on roads and bridges throughout the area in place of the typical spread of salt.

The solution helps prevent snow and ice from sticking on the roads, as opposed to the regular salt which will just blow away in the projected 50 mile-per-hour winds. Fox says UDOT has prepared 500 plows to move across the state as needed. UDOT supervisor Jake Brown told ABC Salt Lake City, “They’re telling us this is going to be a bad storm and our weather guys say once the storm comes in the temperatures are going to plummet.” UDOT advises people to stay home and avoid roadways to stay safe. For people that need to drive, they recommend leaving early and driving slowly, leaving plenty of room for plows to work.

So a major operation is underway for the people of Utah to take heed of the warnings and to grin and bear through the harsh conditions.

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