Sunday, 21 November 2010

malin ackerman

malin ackerman

Lindsay Lohan is having to face the brutal truth that even your most die hard fans won't wait around forever. The inferno bosses who had backed up the 24-year old actress despite battles she had with legal problems and rehab, have finally given up and had to sever ties as the filming date draws closer.

"Lindsay had scheduling issues due to legal obligations and is continuing to focus on getting better in rehabilitation in Palm Springs, and she really had to focus on that in our opinion – and hers," says the film's producer, Chris Hanley. "For herself and her career in general it was really her decision to just focus on getting better psychologically." Lohan is being replaced by Watchmen Star Malin Akerman. "Malin was passionate to take this challenge of the role to task," says Hanley, "and we feel she has the talent to meet that challenge."

So an unfortunate turn up for the former child starlet and she will have to continue her rehabilition until she is ready to take on new film challenges.

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