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notebook network

notebook network

 Belkin F5D6020 Wireless Notebook Network Card

This Belkin wireless notebook network cared acts as an independent to give you quick and instant networking ability. The card easily slots into your laptop's PCMCIA slot, and enables connection quickly with Belkin SOHO networking software. Used together with a wireless acess point, the card makes it possible for you to join your wireless network to your existing wired network.
Interoperable with any 802.11b wireless device, it uses the 802.11b wireless Ethernet standard to offer you a working range of up to 1,800 feet and speeds of up to 11 Mbps. This plug-and-play card works seamlessly with Windows 95B, 98, 2000, NT, Me, and XP systems. Now you can transfer files around the house or office--enjoying freedom from cables, along with all the advantages of a wired network.

The Belkin wireless notebook network card comes with a lifetime warranty and free, 24-hour technical support.

Installing this Card into your notebook computer is all you need to give it instant wireless networking capabilities. You can use it to share your high-speed Internet access through the Belkin 802.11b Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router (F5D6230-3), and access all your connected printers, hard drives, and more. Simply slide the card into your notebooks PCMCIA slot, and enjoy an easy setup with Belkin software.

Amazon customer review: "Seriously - with all the terrible reviews regarding wireless notebook cards in general, it's surprising that this form of networking ever caught on.

I was very reluctant to try any of the cards, until I saw this one was discounted down to just under $10...I figured, worst case scenerio, I'm out just the $10...on the other hand, if it works, it would certainly increase the value of my laptop...

When I say that installation was a breeze, I mean, it was just as simple as pushing the card into the slot..Windows XP detected the card and found the drivers on the CD, and literally, within 30 seconds, I was surfing the 'net. I was quite surprised to find that I live inside a 'hotspot', being that there is an 'internet cafe' within a block of my house.

That laptop has now become my primary computer, and I simply couldn't be happier -

*As a side note, I did use the software that Belkin sent with the card for about a day, and decided I liked the XP interface much better...but that's just personal preference...good work, guys!"

So a very handy piece of hardware which provides a quick and easy way to form a connection between networks.

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