Saturday, 27 November 2010

willie nelson

willie nelson

Country music legend, Willie Nelson, has been arrested after officials of a border patrol checkpoint in Texas found six ounces of marijuana located on his tour bus. Nelson, was on his way from California to Austin, Texas, when the bus was seized in Sierra Blanca and a police officer reportedly smelled traces of pot, reports the associated press.

Nelson claimed the marijuana was his, writes the El Paso Times. A total of three people, including Nelson, were arrested. "He could get 180 days in county jail, which if he does, I'm going to make him cook and clean," Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West said. "He can wear the stripy uniforms just like the other ones do." This isn't the first time illegal substances were found in Nelson's tour bus. In 2006, nearly 1.5 pounds of marijuana and three ounces of hallucinogenic mushrooms were found inside the bus.

So another unfortunate drug bust on the country and western star and hopefully he'll be more careful in future.

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