Thursday, 25 November 2010

michael grimm

michael grimm

Friday night saw Michael Grimm performing in his hometown of Waveland and to the satisfaction of thousands of fans which excitedly awaited his appearance on stage. Grimm is a native of the Waveland area and is using his fame gained from winning America's Got Talent to help tourism rates in Hancock County. The millionaire played in front of many local fans but also to many people who travelled from far and wide.

Teresa Williams said, "Yes, I drove. I started last night about seven o'clock, and here we are." Decked out in Grimm gear, including the infamous hat, Teresa Williams drove more than 1,000 miles from Chicago to see the singer she adores. "He is so sweet. He is such a genuine person. He is absolutely wonderful. I mean he is adorable," said Williams. Merchandise flew off the shelves as fans supported the Waveland native. But they were also supporting Hancock County since BP money paid for the show in hopes of boosting tourism.

So it's good to see the America's Got Talent winner utilising his fame to gain more exposure to his local area and help it boost it's income.

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