Tuesday, 23 November 2010

colin campbell

colin campbell

The only regrets that Colin Campbell possibly has about the infamous e-mails he wrote concerning the discipline of ex NHL referee Dean Warren, it’s that they were made public. “Your e-mails are personal, you thought. But they’re not dishonest,” the NHL disciplinarian said Monday on a radio interview. “If I knew the world would be reading my e-mails, I might have wrote them differently.”

Campbell was on Toronto’s The Fan 590 to explain the now-infamous e-mails he exchanged with former director of officiating Stephen Walkom that were submitted as evidence in a legal dispute involving the firing of Warren in 2007. “I have no regrets (firing Warren). We did everything right,” he said. “Dean just couldn’t make it as a referee. There was nothing personal. We had no agendas against him. He just had a problem officiating.”

So campbell stands firm on his position regarding Stephen Walkom. Just a shame that his emails were exposed and the furoure arose from the result.

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