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multi touch netbook

multi touch netbook

Lenovo S10-3t 0651-37U 10.1-Inch Multitouch Netbook (Black)

Experience the future with groundbreaking technology you can transport wherever you want. The Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t is a multitouch convertible tablet that performs with the same efficiency as a netbook or a tablet, which boats a 180 degree swivel screen and extremely slim design which is under an inch in its depth.

With the Lenovo NaturalTouch Panel, the S10-3t responds to the lightest of touches, making it fun and easy to use the range of NaturalTouch multimedia touch-optimized applications. The S10-3t also features DirectShare, so you can quickly synchronize your fles with another notebook without connecting to the web. When you do need the internet, Quick Start 2.0 will get you online in seconds with its 'instant on' function that lets you access the web, multimedia fles and other applications without booting to the desktop operating system. However you use the S10-3t, you'll find it easier, more interactive and more adaptable than any netbook you've ever seen. Best of all, it's from Lenovo, makers of the award-winning ThinkPad business notebook.

S10-3t front and tablet view
Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Netbook Key Features


* Touch tablet with 180 degree screen rotation
* Ultra-slim design - just .8 inch thin, and only 3.31lbs
* Long battery life
* Integrated high-speed Wi-Fi


* Intel Atom N450 processor technology
* Genuine Windows 7 Starter 10.1 inch LED backlight display, 16:9 widescreen
* Lenovo NaturalTouch Panel - responsive fingertip touch screen technology
* Stereo speakers with Dolby Headphone surround sound
* More storage for multimedia files: 250GB HDD storage
* Integrated 1.3M web camera
* Integrated Card Reader & USB2.0 connectors for external media devices


* Active Protection System protects hard disk drive from shocks
* DirectShare - easily synchronize your files with another notebook without connecting to the internet
* Lenovo NaturalTouch - a range of touch-optimized multimedia applications
* Get online in seconds with Quick Start 2.0 'instant on' function
* OneKey Rescue System for quick and easy data recovery with antivirus protection
* VeriFace facial recognition technology - a fun way to log in to your PC
* VeriTouch touch-based log in system

Amazon customer review: "All of the negative reviews you will find about this netbook (fine, netvertible) are from senseless users that are expecting this mini-powerhouse to be a full laptop replacement. If you are an educated consumer (and even if you are not) you will find that this machine lives up to all of the hype if you take a day to really enjoy it.

As soon as I booted up the machine, it was incredibly responsive. The default Lenovo configuration is pretty good, even though there is some start-up junk that slows down your initial boot. Me, being the user I am, immediately installed Windows 7 Professional to maximize my tablet experience.

The Goods:
The incredible screen responsivness! -It is even better than my iPhone!
The incredible battery life! (6-8 hours)
Very sturdy build. This machine is light, but feels awesome in your hands.
The processor, hard drive, and the memory is enough for limitless tablet fun!
It FLIES. With both Win7 Starter and Pro, this machine is very quick and will not leave you waiting like some others.

The Bad:
The battery is a tad large for my taste, BUT makes for a really nice grip while in tablet mode.
No bluetooth.

The "Eh"
People seem to be complaining about the keyboard quality. What they need to realize is that this is a netvertible tablet, not a desktop or full laptop. Yes, the keyboard feels a little looser than other netbooks, but be serious, you are not going to be purchasing this machine for its keyboard quality. Even so, I am composing this entire review on that "terrible" keyboard, and it is very comfortable.
The touchpad with the integrated buttons is a little funky, but OH WAIT, I can touch the screen!!!!

Overall, I would have to say that this is one of the best netbooks I have ever had the chance to use. Lenovo has really done it again, and I am very very happy with my purchase. Whether you are looking for something to travel with that you can have a little fun with, or if you are just looking to get over the boring, touchless, machine you use on a regular basis; this is the way to go.

This is the future of notebooks and netbooks. You will NOT be disappointed."

So an impressive piece of hardware from Lenovo which is at the forefront of computing technology with it's practical size and efficiency.

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