Sunday, 21 November 2010

rob lytle

rob lytle

Rob Lytle was a linchpin in one of the most deadly rivarlies in NFL history. He was involved in the infamous tuck rule play which is why the Denver Broncos-Oakland Raiders rivalry is so heated as the Raiders saw him as being the reason the tuck rule play occured. Lytle tracially died Saturday Night of a massive heart attack at the age of 56.

In the AFC championship game on Jan. 1, 1978, Lytle, a tough running back with a nose for the end zone, fumbled at the 2 and Denver scored on the drive, giving Denver a 14-3 lead in the third quarter. The problem was that television replays (these were the days long before NFL challenges) showed that Oakland safety Jack Tatum forced a fumble in a mid-air collision before Lytle scored. Oakland nose tackle Mike McCoy scooped up the ball and was bringing the ball back for an easy score.

So a sad day for die hard fans of Denver Broncos but memories of Rob Lytles achievements will live on and be talked about for decades to come.

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